Instant Pot  Loaded Mashed  Cauliflower

Recipe Highlights

 This instant pot loaded mashed cauliflower could be your new low carb alternative to the classic loaded mashed potatoes.

Simple Ingredients

– cauliflower florets –  water or chicken broth –  garlic, minced –  butter –  sour cream –  heavy cream –  pepper to taste          shredded cheddar cheese     cooked bacon bits     onion for garnish

Add water to the inner pot of the instant pot. Use a steamer basket and add the garlic and cauliflower.

Pressure cook for 3 minutes and do a quick release.

Mash the cauliflower in a food processor or with a potato masher and transfer the cauliflower to a serving dish or mixing bowl.

Immediately stir in most of the cheddar cheese, bacon bits, and green onions. Reserve a little of each for the topping

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