Recipe Highlights

 These sweet, crisp air fryer apple pie egg rolls are just the thing for when you’re craving a quick dessert.

Simple Ingredients

–  ground cinnamon –  light brown sugar –  gala apple, peel, core –  golden delicious apple, peel, core –  lemon juice  –  allspice –  salt        arrowroot or cornstarch    egg roll wraps      avocado oil

 In a medium skillet on medium heat, combine the apple, lemon juice, all spice, and the cinnamon mixture

Place the wrap on a flat surface, positioned so that it’s in a diamond shape.

 Spoon two tablespoons of the filling across the center of the egg roll wrap.

Then wet the edges of the wrap with water. Next, fold the bottom corner up and over the filling to sit below the top corner.

 Then, fold the side corners in towards the center.

And finally, roll the wrap toward the top corner to close.

 Spray avocado oil in the air fryer basket, place the egg rolls inside the air fryer, seam-side down; spray avocado oil and air fry to 350ºF turning halfway through.

 Cook until golden brown.

 Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar or sugar powder, Serve and Enjoy!

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